Details for  Preliminary Design Report - November 2015

Name: Preliminary Design Report - November 2015

This Preliminary Design Report provides information needed for Paradise Irrigation District (PID) to review proposed upgrades to the surface water treatment plant located in Magalia, and then move forward with design.


On September 19, 2014, PID executed an agreement with AECOM for preliminary and final design of the Process Water Recycle Project and to assist in preparing bid documents for the construction of the Project. The scope of this agreement addressed preliminary design of the proposed Process Water Recycle Project using the lamella-plate settling process for treating waste washwater for recycling that was successfully demonstrated in the pilot study.


The primary objective of the Paradise Irrigation District Process Water Recycle Project is to achieve regulatory compliance with National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit conditions by eliminating the continuous surface water discharge of waste washwater from the treatment plant to the Magalia Reservoir. Improvements to the existing water treatment plant are proposed to effectively recycle the waste wash water for potable reuse within the treatment plant. As secondary objectives, several improvements are proposed to improve reliability by renewing, replacing or relocating existing facilities, completing major repairs or modifications to correct existing problems, and making provisions for future planned facilities.

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