Backflow Information

Who Needs a Backflow Device?

Installation of an approved backflow prevention assembly is required at the service connection to any premise where there is an auxiliary supply or system - even if there is no connection or cross-connection. For example, anyone with an alternate source of water such as a well, spring, stream, etc., or anyone with an irrigation system, Residential or Commercial Fire Sprinkler System, or two or more meters serving one parcel must have a backflow prevention device. Commercial and professional buildings with lab equipment, boilers,  chemicals etc., are further examples of premises that require a backflow prevention device.

The State of California Administrative Code, Title 17 and chapter 6.14 of the Policies & Procedures of the Paradise Irrigation District, require the owner of any premises on which protective devices are installed to have certified annual inspections made of such devices for their water tightness and reliability. The device shall be serviced, overhauled, or replaced whenever found to be defective. Certified records of such inspections and/or repairs are required to be submitted to the District. You may engage any Backflow Prevention Tester who is USC and AWWA certified to perform the test, or you may have one of our certified employees perform the test. However, PID will not be responsible for any repairs, re-testing, or any plumbing problems that may occur on your premises due to the testing procedures.

Potential Hazards of not having a Backflow Prevention Device

Contamination or pollution of a water system is usually brought about by a cross-connection to any systems containing auxiliary water supplies which may be polluted or contaminated; irrigation systems which may be polluted or contaminated with fertilizers, pesticides or other objectionable materials. Thus, using a hose-attached sprayer for application of pesticides, solvents, cleaning products, etc; flushing a car's cooling system with a garden hose; or filling a swimming pool can all create situations where cross-connection can occur. Without proper protection, devices as useful as your garden hose have the potential to poison your home's water supply. In fact, over half of the nation's cross-connections involve unprotected garden hoses!


PID maintains records of backflow devices as part of its cross-connection control program. Customers with backflow prevention devices will receive annual notification by mail when backflow testing is required. To have backflow testing done by PID, simply detach and sign the indicated portion of the notification letter and return it to PID, enclosing a payment of $40.00 for each device tested. Upon receipt of payment, PID will perform the test. Test results will only be sent out in the event that the device does not pass, and repair and re-testing are requested. An additional charge of $40.00 will be made for each device re-tested. If an independent Backflow Prevention Tester is hired to perform the testing the certified test results must be sent to PID upon completion of the test. Should you have any questions about your backflow device, please contact our office at (530) 877-4971. It takes about 15 minutes for the test to be performed