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Contact List

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Name Position Phone Fax
Mickey Rich Information Systems Manager 530-877-4971 530-876-0483
PID Customer Service Customer Service 530-877-4971 530-876-0483
Georgeanna Borrayo District Secretary 530-876-2039 530-876-0483
George Barber General Manager 530-877-4971 530-876-0483
Kevin Phillips Chief Financial Officer 530-876-2034 530-876-0483
Christie Park Office and Customer Service Manager 530-876-2035 530-876-0483
Bill Taylor Treatment Plant Operations Supervisor 530-876-2060 530-876-0483
Keith O'Brien Superintendent 530-876-2043 530-872-7413
Neil Essila Assistant Engineer 530-876-2037 530-876-0483
Dan Wentland Director, Division 1 530-877-0072
Bill Kellogg Director, Division 2 - President 530-624-3045
Anne Rice Director, Division 3 530-876-1648
Marc Sulik Director, Division 4 530-876-2052
Cliff Jacobson Director, Division 5 - Vice President 530-895-3658