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State guidelines gave PID directors two choices recently: Change the way the district treats its waste washwater (process water) to meet NPDES discharge requirements, or treat the process water to remove solids and recycle this water back to the treatment plant. Directors adopted the second option. After a thorough evaluation of potential alternatives the Board approved the most feasible alternative that is fully described in the Preliminary Design Report, which will terminate the NPDES permit and eliminate the costly and non-compliant discharge to Magalia Reservoir, and treat the process water for potable reuse.


Either choice allows the District to continue treating water with the same stable, optimized and successful plant which produces good quality drinking water that its customers appreciate.


Recycling this water back to the Treatment Plant will add between 600-800 acre feet of water annually to PID’s water system—meaning that much less needs to be drawn out of Paradise Lake that will conserve our precious water supply that is subject to reoccurring drought conditions.


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