Current Water Levels

Reservoir Storage in Acre Feet
af 12293
donation thermometer
donation thermometer
af 8330
donation thermometer

Lake Levels

Mag. Reservoir: -31.8 feet Paradise Lake: -17.1 feet

All Current Conditions

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Water Talk

Rainfall Totals

Current vs. Average Rainfall
inches 51.88
donation thermometer
donation thermometer
inches 0.60
donation thermometer
Update date reflects last date of change

Magalia Dam Web Cam

You are viewing current Magalia Dam conditions. Image is updated every few seconds based on motion.

For a live stream of the camera, please use the instructions below:

The Magalia Dam webcam was purchased with funds provided by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security

The webcam must be viewed in Internet Explore 6.0 or higher OR can be easily viewed on an Apple Iphone or IPad.

Iphone / IPad

Click here to view Camera

Internet Explorer Users

1. RIght click your internet explorer icon and select "run as administrator"

2. go to:

3. Select the "Live View" Icon

4. You will be prompted to download plugins for the webcam.

5. Accept the install prompts

5. Restart your Internet Explorer Browser, and go back to

6. You will be prompted for a username and password:

    Username: Cam (case sensitive)

    Password: (leave blank)

7. Double Click "Treatment Cam" in the menu to the right of the screen

Two new websites to help you manage your water use


  • View your water consumption
  • Receive timely leak alerts
  • Customize alert settings
  • Control your expenses Logo

  • Conservation Information for Paradise Residents
  • Usage Restrictions
  • Water News
  • Indoor / Outdoor Watering tips